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Bell Aerosystems years


Being rocketbelt inventor Wendell Moore's neighbour, he offered me a career as a rocketbelt pilot.
The U.S. Army required that Bell hire and train "a pilot of average military draft age (I was 19) with no former aviation training (I had none).
My first tethered flight at Bell took place on 26 March 1964 and over a period of 2 months I made a total of 60 tethered flights before flying free outside.

Enjoy some of my flights during my Bell years:

First public flight:

Newspaperclipping prior to my first public flight

Me just before taking off at the California State Fair 1964

Lost in Space TV series 1964
During the 1964 TV series Lost In Space I made several flights, stunt-doubling the actors.

James Bond 007 in Thunderball
I was James Bond's stunt double during the shooting in France 1965.
My collegue Gordon Yeager and me both flew 3 flights. Later it was edited to 1 flight.

Disneyland 1966 (Disnet TV)

Flying at Disneyland                                 Click picture to start a movieclip of this flight

Superbowl 1, double flight


Double flight with my collegue Bob Courter 1967

If you want to see one of the original Bell Rocketbelts, you can visit the Smithsonian Air and Space
Museum in Washington D.C, see pics below.


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