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Unsung Heroes
Often people think that only technicians, engineers and pilots made the rocketbelt and it's spin offs a great succes.
But this page is dedicated to the Unsung Heroes of the Rocketbelt Program.
Sure I can not remember everyone involved, so if you, or your family members, relatives, friends where part of the Unsung Heroes,
please drop me a note and I will add them to this page.

* Tom Lennon *, Bell's chief photographer and cinematographer

Tom had 28 years experience in aerial photography and cinematography at Bell, where he recorded the
early history of Western new Yorks aerospace industry. He covered it all, flying "chase" with all the supersonic X-jets,
rode along on the first aircraft to land on an American aircraft carrier, the USS Kitty Hawk, using an automatic
landing system, helicopters, airplanes, rockets you name it. And he was involved from the beginning on, to the
Rocket- and Jetbelt projects

Photo's (c) Kathleen Lennon-Clough
Tom on the nitrogen test-rig, way before the actual rocketbelt was designed. He found out that
an important piece of controlling the device was to fix your legs. That improved the flight quality.
He still holds the record of 3 minutes

* John Carr *  Bell Artist

John Carr (r) and myself

Paintings below are NOT for sale

His art work helped sell the idea to the U.S. Army.....remember...."A picture says a thousand words" John attended the
ceremony when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame and said to me......"gee I wish they'd consider inducting artists into it,
that would make my day"....so the next year I wrote a mail Hall Of Fame Nominating Committee, nominating  John for his
contribution to Bell by helping to land many contracts for Bell with his art work. My argument was that the Engineers can
write long explanations of an idea or concept for a product they wish to build, submit blueprints and dimensions and expected performance...BUT....the Artist through his painting shows the actual product "in action" and says much more than a
thousand words, often being the push a idea needed to get sold. John , I am proud to say, was inducted on the first vote,
I submitted over 35 photos of Johns Art featuring everything from the Rocket belt to Air Cushion vechecles and Navy Aircraft
landing Systems.

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