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The Bell Team
The Bell Aerosystems Rocket belt complied an unbelievable 100% safety record in over 3,000 flights from 1961 to 1969.
This fantastic record
was due to the unerring professionalism of the entire Bell Team, especially the technicians.
A special debt of gratitude is owed to them
. An overview of pilots can be seen here also.

Please excuse our dust, we are in the process of building this page, anyone who is reading this, if you have
photos of any of the (missing) persons please submit them if you wish to have them on this page. Also if you know
when a colleague has passed away, so I can be respectfull on that delicate subject.
It's been almost 50 years since I was involved with these Bell projects, I want to include and give credit
where credit is due, there are only a gew collegues left, so if you have anything to add to the effort please send it along.

* The technicians *
(in random order: rocketbelt - POGO's - flying chair)
Wendell Moore, inventor                                        Edward Ganczak, tecnical specialist                       Biagio Mangenello, technical specialist
May 29, 1969

Ernest "Ernie" Kreutinger, crew chief                      Edwin "Moon" Mulens,technical specialist               John Hulbert, propulsion engineer

Bill "Red" Burns two man POGO technician             Ed Gaiser technician                                                Ed Satterlee, engineer

Ken Levine, POGO head engineer                          Les Beukema, technician                                        Ralph Love, technician

* The pilots *
(in chronological order)

Harold "Hal" Graham, first RB pilot                          Peter Kedziersky, second RB pilot                           Robert "Bob" Courter, third RB pilot
October 22, 2009
Gordon "Gordo" Yaeger, fourth RB pilot                 Don Hettrick, fifth RB pilot                                      William "Bill" Suitor, sixth RB pilot
Januari 23, 2005

Doug Meiklejohn, seventh RB pilot                          Dennis Commerford, eighth and last Bell  RB pilot
                                                                                November 23, 2012
* On the background, but always there *

Charles F.Kriener Director of PR / RB team           





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